Roto Brush Cleaning

Want the Cleanest Air ducts in the Neighborhood?

Then get our Rotobrush air duct cleaning service.

Why? you ask. Because when a house is built the dust from the drywalls is actually sticking on the inside of the vents, because of the oil needed to machine the vents there is a residue on them that collects dust and micro fibers that end up filling your duct work with brown moldy dust and dust mites. Yes it’s the truth.

We offer this service as the best way to combat dirty ducts.

How we approach the rotary brush cleaning method is with a vacuum hose that is inserted into the main trunk line and its strong suction creates negative pressure to carry all debris safely to our powerful truck-mounted vacuum. Our technicians go to each branch line and use a tool called an air-wand that uses compressed air to push all the debris down the vertical branch lines to the main trunk lines (in the basement).

Once the technician has completed the initial air sweep on the branch lines (in each room), an item called a Rotary Brush is inserted into the trunk lines. The brush will rotate inside the duct work using compressed air in combination with a pneumatic motor for additional power to pull any dust and debris that is stuck on the side walls of the trunk lines and any free floating debris back to the vacuum.

The Rotary brush is safe for all duct types: flex ducts, round metal ducts, square metal ducts, and fiberboard duct systems, making physical contact with the interior walls of each main line. We clean the entire duct system in a single furnace household, leaving behind better indoor air quality for you and your family to enjoy.

This is single handed the best approach to cleaning your duct work.
It helps remove mold, dust, dust mite debris,drywall dust,fiber glass, After construction, smokers dust that brown in coloration and more.